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+What are four types of thrust bearings?

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+Do you grease thrust bearing?

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+What are the advantages of cylindrical roller bearings?

Cylindrical roller bearings | SKFFeatures and benefits · High load carrying capacity · High stiffness · Accommodate axial displacement (fig. · Low friction ·...  Read More


QIntroduction of Bearings in Singapore

ASingapore Bearing is a world-class bearing, lubrication and assembly Singapore Bearing Distributor. Singapore Bearing manufactures and supplies bearings for industries such as oil and gas, mining, steel and power generation. It also provides design assistance, R&D support and consulting services.

QWhat are the uses of Singapore bearings?

ABearings are used in a variety of applications and machines. They are generally classified as either ball or roller bearings, depending on the type of rolling element used. Bearings are designed to support radial and axial loads, as well as varying speed, heat and corrosion environments.

QWhat should I do if the bearing fails?

AIf a bearing fails, it will usually make a clicking sound, sometimes causing the machine to vibrate or move slightly. If you hear a bearing failure, stop the machine immediately and check the bearing. If it is hot, or you can see metal fragments in the oil, then it has failed. If this is the case, you need to replace this bearing as soon as possible. If your bearing is not visibly damaged and has not yet failed, it is a good idea to have this bearing inspected by a professional to determine if your bearing needs to be replaced.

QWhat are the types of bearings in Singapore?

ASingapore bearing have many different types of bearings, but the two most common are ball bearings and roller bearings. Ball bearings are used in car suspensions and power tools. Roller bearings are used in vehicles and machinery such as elevators, trains, and conveyor belts. Ball bearings are small balls that roll in a cage made of metal or plastic. They can be arranged in several different ways depending on the application.

QHow to choose the right shaft at Singapore Bearing Distributor?

AWhen you are choosing the right bearing, it is important to consider the following: - The type of equipment that you will be using. - How much load is put on the equipment - The speed of your machine - The size of your components - The application of your machine and its environment

QHow to judge the good and bad of bearings?

AFirstly, look at how much grease there is on the bearings; if there is no grease at all then this means that they are not very well sealed. Secondly, look at how much play there is in them; if there is too much play then this means that they are not as smooth as they could be and may cause problems down the line. Thirdly, look at how smooth the bearings spin; if they are not spinning smoothly then again this can cause problems down the line. Fourthly, look at how light or heavy they are; if they are too heavy then this will slow down your project and make it less efficient than it should be.

QWhat are the common failures of bearings?

A1.Failure to lubricate bearings properly. 2.Inadequate lubrication leads to high friction, overheating and premature wear. 3.Overloading bearings beyond their capacities. Bearings are designed to withstand a specific load capacity. Exceeding this limit can cause excess heat, which in turn leads to premature wear and failure of the bearing. 4.Failing to maintain proper alignment of bearings during assembly or disassembly operations.

QHow to maintain the bearings?

A1.Bearings can be maintained by washing them in a solvent or with a cleaning agent. 2.Clean the seal with a solvent or lubricant and wipe dry. 3.Apply grease to the bearing seals. 4.Reassemble the hub and bearings, or replace the damaged parts.

QHow to determine if a bearing needs to be replaced?

AIf you hear a noise, then the bearing may need to be replaced. At this point you will need to Check the raceway - Look at both sides of the outer race to see if there is any visible damage. Check for cracks and holes in the raceway and for surface pitting or rust. Check both sides of the inner race as well. If there is any damage on either side, replace the bearing immediately, as it will fail quickly.

QHow to choose a manufacturer when buying bearings?

A1. Consider the materials used in the production of bearings. The material used will determine the bearing's ability to handle high loads and high temperatures. 2. Consider the type of bearing you want. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages that you must consider before purchasing. 3. Check the brand reputation of the company that manufactures the bearing. A good company will have a solid reputation for providing quality products that will show no defects or failures after a few uses or years of use. Singapore Bearing Distributor is a manufacturer with many years of experience in bearing manufacturing. All bearings are sold as genuine products, with high quality and guaranteed after-sales. If you have any questions, you can consult us.

Singapore Bearing

Singapore is the largest bearing supplier, at the same time Singapore bearing is a complete bearing supplier, supplying a wide range of angular contact ball bearings, complex bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, NSK bearing, Nachi bearing, etc. for our customers.


Singapore Bearing Distributor, a leading manufacturer of precision bearings, has been in the bearing industry for nearly 70 years. As a globally recognized brand, bearing supplier Singapore's wide range of bearings and bearing services are used in various industries around the world.


Why bearing supplier Singapore?

Singapore Bearing Distributor mainly supplies NSK bearing, Nachi bearing, and other products. It is well known that NSK bearing Singapore is a world leader in the production of bearings and linear motion products. NSK bearing has factories all over the world that are dedicated to engineering research and modern manufacturing processes.


Nachi bearing Singapore is the first commercial-scale bearing manufacturer in Japan. Nachi brand bearings are widely used in every industrial field and market we can find.

So bearing Singapore bearing quality assurance is obvious to all. Singapore Bearing Distributor as a professional engaged in bearing high-quality production and sales, with experienced professional bearing technology research and development personnel, to ensure every customer satisfaction.


About NSK bearing Singapore introduction and application


NSK bearing is one of the most famous large bearing manufacturers in Japan, established in 1927, and is now one of the top three bearing manufacturers in the world.


As high-quality bearings, NSK bearing Singapore can provide you with a good selection of bearings and related products, which are mainly used in motors, solar photovoltaic, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, rail vehicles, and other fields.


Benefits of NSK bearing Singapore.

1. NSK bearing Singapore size standardization, interchangeability, easy to install and disassemble, easy maintenance.

2. NSK-bearing Singapore has a compact structure, lightweight, and other characteristics.

3. NSK bearing high precision, high load, and low wear, can grow the service life.


About Nachi bearing Singapore introduction and application

NACHI is the first manufacturer of high-speed bearings in Japan. The company was founded in 1917, which gives the company a long history of 100 years.

The Nachi bearing Singapore is the world's most productive and well-known brand in long-term use. Also, Nachi bearing parts can be used in many fields with high precision, most of which are used in construction machinery and heavy vehicles, industrial machinery and solar equipment, marine machinery, telecommunications, etc.


Benefits of Nachi bearing Singapore.

1. Nachi bearing lubricates the rolling contact surface during the rotation, which can reduce friction and make the rotation smoother.

2. Nachi bearing can keep the bearing cool by circulating the oil supply to dissipate frictional heat.

3.Secondly, Nachi bearing can prevent the lubricant from aging and overheating.


If you want to know more about the specific application of Nachi bearing in Singapore, please contact our customer service online service.


bearing supplier Singapore as a professional Singapore Bearing Distributor with decades of experience in Singapore, specializing in import and export trade, specializing in the production and sale of marine bearings, industrial bearings, automotive bearings, and other accessories. In recent years, Singapore bearing has been exported to Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan, the Middle East, North America, and other countries in the world, and has become a reliable supplier for many customers.


Singapore bearing uses.

Singapore bearing is widely used in machine tools (milling machines), paper machines, printing machines, and other new equipment), mining machinery such as mining shovels (electric shovels) and other machinery industry, construction types of machinery such as road rollers, ballast tractors, and a variety of types of graders and other large machinery, fire trucks, sprayers, and other agricultural equipment and various types of mechanical processing machinery.


Bearings require continuous environmental conditions to achieve the accuracy you need. Therefore, if you are a local company and want to buy bearings from Singapore Bearing Distributor, then you should know what different types of Singapore bearings are available.


For example, deep groove ball bearings are used in most heavy-duty applications; roller bearings, commonly found on wheels, are ideal for high speeds and the highest possible loads; cage needle roller bearings are used for precise alignment of parts, and cage needle roller bearings combine the following elements: easy mounting and customized mounting solutions, low friction and vibration.


With reliable service and highly qualified staff, Singapore bearing can provide customized solutions to solve customers' problems effectively, if you have any questions about bearings please feel free to contact us.


If you are planning to buy Singapore bearing Distributor's bearings or want to know more about the bearings, then you can get the answers to the following frequently asked questions.


Frequently asked questions about Singapore bearing.


1.What is a bearing?

Bearing is the collective name of parts components in mechanical equipment, bearing is an important part of contemporary mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the coefficient of friction during its movement, and ensure its rotary accuracy.


Bearings are the parts that support the rotating “shaft” in the machine. Machines that use bearings include automobiles, airplanes, generators, and so on. We also use bearings in household appliances such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and air conditioners. In these machines, bearings are responsible for supporting the “shafts” with wheels, gears, turbines, rotors, and other parts to help them rotate smoothly.


Since many rotating “shafts” are used in various machines, bearings have become an essential part and are called the “food of the machinery industry”. This part may look inconspicuous, but it is very important. Without it, we would not be able to live normally.


As a professional bearing manufacturer, Singapore Bearing Distributor has a complete range of bearings to meet the different needs of different customers.


2. What are the classifications of Singapore bearing?


Bearings are divided into two categories, sliding bearings, and rolling bearings, according to the different forms of friction when the journal works in the bearing.

Sliding bearings

Bearings can be divided into three categories according to the direction of the load on the bearing:

① Radial bearings are subjected to radial load, and the direction of load is perpendicular to the shaft centerline;

② thrust bearing a bear axial load, load direction, and shaft centerline parallel;

③ radial - thrust bearing a radial and axial load at the same time.

According to the friction state, sliding bearings are divided into two categories: non-liquid friction sliding bearings and liquid friction sliding bearings. The former is in the dry friction or boundary friction state.

Rolling bearing

1. According to the direction of rolling bearing load can be divided into:

a. Radial bearing, mainly to bear the radial load role.

B. Thrust bearing, mainly bear the role of axial load.

2. According to the shape of the rolling body can be divided into ball bearings and roller bearings. The rolling body of the bearing has a single row and a double row.

3. According to the load direction or nominal contact angle, the rolling body type is comprehensively divided into deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, rolling bearings, spherical ball bearings, and angular contact ball bearings, etc.


3. what are the advantages of Singapore bearing?

1、singapore bearing friction resistance is small, power consumption is small, high mechanical efficiency, easy to start;

2、singapore bearing quality is stable and reliable, high productivity;

3、transmission friction torque is much lower than fluid dynamic pressure bearing, so the friction temperature rise and power consumption is lower;

4、singapore bearing only need a small amount of lubricant will It can run normally and can provide lubricant for a long time when running; 5. Singapore bearing in a large range of load - speed, the unique design can get excellent performance; 6. bearing performance is relatively insensitive to fluctuations in load, speed, and operating speed.


4. Nachi bearing Singapore on the mounting surface and installation site requirements?

If there are iron filings, burrs, dust, and other foreign objects in the bearing, it will make noise and vibration when the bearing is running, and even damage the raceway and rolling body. Therefore, before installing Nachi bearing Singapore, you must make sure that the mounting surface and mounting environment are clean.


5. NSK bearing Singapore must be cleaned before installation?

The Singapore bearing is of high quality and all the bearing surfaces sold are coated with anti-rust oil. You must carefully clean them with clean gasoline or kerosene and then apply clean high quality or high-speed high temperature lubricating grease before mounting them. The effect of cleanliness on bearing life and vibration noise is very big. However, we would like to remind you in particular: that fully enclosed bearings do not need to be cleaned and oiled.


6. Singapore bearing lubrication and its method

The lubricating function of Singapore bearing.

Singapore bearing lubrication's purpose is to reduce internal friction and wear of the bearing, prevent burning stick; prolong its service life; discharge friction heat, and cooling, prevent overheating of the bearing, prevent the lubricant itself from aging; also prevent the intrusion of foreign objects into the bearing inside, or to prevent rust, corrosion effect.


Singapore bearing lubrication method.

The bearing lubrication method is divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication. To make the bearing play a good function, first of all, to choose suitable for the use conditions, the use of the purpose of the lubrication method. If only consider lubrication, oil lubrication is dominant.


However, grease lubrication has the advantage of simplifying the structure around the bearing, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of grease lubrication and oil lubrication. Lubrication should pay special attention to the amount, whether it is oil lubrication or grease lubrication, the amount of too little lubrication is not sufficient to affect the bearing life, the amount of too much will produce a large resistance, affecting the speed.


7. NSK bearing Singapore in the installation of what matters need to pay attention to.

Whether the Singapore bearing is installed correctly affects the precision, life, and performance. Therefore, the design and assembly department for the installation of the bearing should be fully studied. Hopefully, the installation should be carried out following the operating standards.


The operation standard items are usually as follows:

(1) cleaning NSK bearing and bearing-related parts

(2) checking the size and finishing of the related parts

(3) NSK bearing installation

(4) inspection after the installation of the bearing

(5) supply of lubricant It is hoped that the bearing package will be opened only before the upcoming installation.

General grease lubrication, no cleaning, direct filling grease. Lubricant lubrication, in general also does not need to clean, but, instrumentation or high-speed bearings, etc., to clean with clean oil, remove the anti-rust agent coated on the bearing. Removed the anti-rust agent bearings, easy to rust, so can not be placed in disregard. Furthermore, bearings that have been sealed with grease should be used directly without cleaning.


The mounting method of bearings varies according to the bearing structure, fit, and condition. Generally, since most of them are shaft rotating, so the inner ring needs an interference fit. For cylindrical hole bearings, press-in is mostly used, or the hot mounting method is mostly used.


The occasion of the tapered hole, directly mounted on the tapered shaft, or with a sleeve installation. Installed to the shell, the general clearance fit more, and the outer ring has a surplus, usually pressed in with a press, or also cooled and installed with the cold shrink fit method. Using dry ice as coolant, on the occasion of cold shrink fit installation, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the bearing. Therefore, proper anti-rust measures are required.


8. What should I pay attention to when purchasing bearings?

1, pay attention to observe whether the outer packaging of the bearing is clear

Generally speaking, the brands produced by regular manufacturers have their special designers design the outer packaging and arrange the production conditions of the factory to produce production, so the product packaging should be very clear and unambiguous, no matter from the lines to the color block.


2, observe whether the bearing steel print word is clear

Each bearing product will be in the bearing product body printed with its brand words, markings, etc... Although the font is very small, the regular manufacturers of products are using steel printing technology printing, and before the heat treatment to emboss the word, so its font is small, but the concave deep, very clear. And usually, counterfeit products of the font are not only fuzzy, due to the printing technology being rough, the font floating on the surface, some even easily can be erased by hand or manual traces of serious.


3, check whether the bearing noise

The left-hand holds the bearing body set, and the right hand small reciprocal paddle jacket to make it rotate, listening to the bearing operation process whether there is noise.



Bearing packaging is divided into internal and external packaging

After the bearings are manufactured and inspected, they are cleaned and rust-proofed, and then put into the inner packaging to achieve the purpose of waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, and impact-proof, maintaining the quality and precision of the bearings and facilitating the use and sales.


If you choose Singapore Bearing Distributor, we give you the highest quality bearings based on a guaranteed good price and solve all after-sales problems about bearing mounting and cleaning for you.


Nowadays, bearings are widely used in the direction of vehicles, furniture, large machinery, and equipment. They are used as a kind of pinion. Bearings have a long history. The earliest bearings in China date back to 2000 B.C. The ball bearing industry was first used in Germany at the end of the 19th century. Since then, it has been widely used in many fields.


In today's rapidly developing world of our lives, people's living standards are getting higher and higher for accessories. Bearings can be said to have won the trust and recognition of many people.


If you need to buy bearings must be recognized brand bearings, Singapore bearing is recognized and trusted by several machinery manufacturers around the world, any questions about bearings can always consult us, welcome your call!